Try, try again

Remember that time I was going to start a bi-monthly mental health reform blog, then wrote in it one time for the entire year? I’d like to try again in 2018.

I know, I know! Resolutions are dumb and my track record is lousy. But I really want to challenge myself to routinely write and share my work. That’s the only way I’ll get better at it! And along the way it’ll help me process my thoughts and feelings about working inpatient and affecting community change. Those of us living with mental health differences know how helpful creative expression can be. 

These posts will likely be shorter, but definitely more frequent than last year. Want to help keep me accountable? Ask me how my writing’s going. Subscribe and share with your friends!

Let’s give it another go! Thanks for hanging with me. I’ll see you in the new year!


  1. Hi again,
    Read through your bio again to refresh my memory. I am assuming you are American. I am in Canada, Kamloops British Columbia and Mental Health care here is minimal. Plenty of pharmaceuticals, no therapy covered by provincial health coverage and no compassion.

    I am paying, out of my savings (I am a senior, 67, on limited income) for EMDR therapy. I have significant childhood trauma reactivated and refreshened by a Breast Cancer recurrence with traumatic treatment.

    My supports are and have been for many years yoga and other physical activities, meditation, mindfulness practices. Over the years, I have agreed to taking many different pharma regimens out of desperation. No drugs have helped me and some have caused harm. I am not on any psych drugs having refused Cimbalta for the PTSD. I am not willing to subject my brain to further insult as it is struggling to recover from chemo.
    I have some brilliant woman around me for counselling, healing touch/energy work, and guidance . We heal through relationships based on respect, compassion, acceptance and the love that transcends.

    The thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, failure, brokenness are there for sure. Not believing them is the practice.

    The blog work you plan to do for 2018 will be very worthwhile.

    I send Blessings, care and compassion to you and all your readers.



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